Saturday, December 31, 2011

Which do you like better?

Ok, so Crystal and I had a great house hunting trip while overseas. We felt at home while we were out there which made for a huge blessing. Here are two of the many homes we looked at. The reason I am posting these two is I think one is far better than the other, so I have an internal bet going on with Crystal right now on which home would be liked the most. Now I can't tell you which one she likes best and which one I like best, but would ask that you post a response saying either White House or Yellow House. Thanks in advance and I look forward to winning the bet!

Ok so here is the White House! I didn't put every bedroom due to amount of pictures, but know there are 4 more bedrooms upstairs. It also has two more bedrooms downstairs (one for Maids quarters and one for Drivers Quarters)  

 Front of Home
 Front Door
 Family Room right when you enter the home
 Office (this is downstairs)
 Office bathroom
 Dinning Room (picture doesn't do it justice it's huge) the table is huge and looks small
 Half of Kitchen
 Storage (pantry) in Kitchen
 Laundry Room
 Garage and part of driveway
 Master Bedroom

Entrance to master bathroom (this is closet space etc.)

Master Bathroom

 Upstairs Hallway/extra family area

Built in (upstairs hallway)

Outside lounging area
 Outside pool
 Patio by the pool
 little fire pit area

Ok so here is the Yellow House! Same as White House I didn't put all bedroom etc.
 Front of home
 Entrance family room area (as you can see they are still doing to renovations)
 Dinning room (yes this one is huge too) notice it is a ten seat table...
 Kitchen #1 (main kitchen)

 Kitchen #2 (right next to kitchen #1 they call it a dirty kitchen...)
 More backyard
 Master Bedroom
 Master Bath

 Picture from Master Bedroom balcony
Ok so now is where you go back to facebook or just post here on our blog which home you liked better. I know I didn't put all of the pictures, but both homes had 5 bedrooms not including the maids and drivers quarters. Every room has a bathroom in both homes and both homes are very spacious. Let us know what you think!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 2011

Thanks to my sister in laws and my mother in law for an amazingly yummy meals :)  I made the deviled eggs... I didn't want to crowd the kitchen and I did have two small kids running around keeping me busy.  But the food was awesome.  The Watkins had a tradition when they were little to go get candy at a certain candy store after Thanksgiving dinner.  It is a good long walk both ways so you can walk off a few calories.  So we took all the kids minus Livy (who was napping) and then went over to the park to let the kids burn some energy.  Pete comes from a family of 7 kids and we were lucky to have 4 kids including Pete there.  There was Stacey & Scott Hayes from Texas and thier three kids Chance, Noelle, & Hannah.  Josh & Nina Watkins from Illinois with thier two kids Taylor and Brock.  Then Sarah Watkins and Richard (her fiance) from Florida with thier son Caleb.  And then us from Utah.  We were just missing Adam & Angela who live in Japan, Steven who lives in Florida, and Jennifer & Thayne who live in Oregon.  But we were happy to get as many people there as we did.

Fun at Grandma & Grandpa Watkins

We had a good time over the holiday playing games, talking, telling stories, and making crafts with the kids.  The girls LOVED having a real baby in the house and would fight over whose turn it was to feed her a bottle or hold her.  I was in heaven because that gave me time to read a good book Sadie had lent me :)  It was a page turner called "A Bride in the Bargain."  Carter was of course the center of attention.  I think his older cousins got a huge kick out of his imagination and the random things that came out of his mouth :)